Barcelona was great to me food-wise! I have to say I don’t think I had one bad meal (from a food perspective) while in Barcelona. Now service is a different story. But from hotel food, to La Boqueria, to gelato/desserts and fine-dining, I was not disappointed. I would pay to go back just for the Paella alone! Weight gained: 163847473929 pounds. Shame: NONE! 🤗

Hotel Food 🌮

The hotel food was good but a couple of mishaps along the way. The rooftop bar food was our first taste of Barcelona. We were really looking forward to this meal as we had gotten a super early flight to Barcelona and upon arrival found out that our luggage would not be arriving until the next day. However, we were determined to not let that ruin our trip. We decided to dine on the hotels rooftop as we were looking for something quick to hold us over until dinner. The food was good, reasonably priced + my company discount I receive. The only downside was that the food was a bit cold. My theory is they just let it sit for too long before bringing it to us. Shrimp tacos were bomb! 💣

The hotel breakfast again, was palatable, but I couldn’t finish it. I totally get that they serve waffles in Europe as a dessert with chocolate sauce but for breakfast? C’mon! I did not expect my waffle to come out with chocolate sauce (was not stated on the menu) otherwise I would have requested syrup from the jump. The waitress looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for syrup. By the time I received it, the food was cold and putting the syrup on it made it then too sweet to eat. Tragic 😢 My mother ended up getting sick from her breakfast. I told her not to eat those undercooked sausages but does anyone listen to Olivia? 😂😂

La Boqueria 🦐

This was my favorite “tourist attraction” in all of Barcelona! La Boqueria (the market) is a public market, near famed La Rambla, with an array of diverse goods for sales. Here you can find pretty much all of your grocery needs. Fruits, veggies, meats, seafood, candy, desserts, to-go stands and eat-in stands, you name it! This is a great place to eat breakfast or lunch if you’re on a budget. Everything I tried was 5Euro or less.

All the food here is served or made fresh.

The “make your own taco” stand was EVERYTHING! 😋

P.S.- I have no clue if “Dunkin Coffee” is in any way affiliated with Dunkin Donuts but I’ll just let them live their best life!

Gelato/Desserts 🍦

The best thing about visiting Europe is and will forever be, the gelato! My diet in Europe consisted of about 90% gelato, 10% whatever other food I could find. And I do that because WHO 👏🏾GON 👏🏾CHECK 👏🏾ME 👏🏾BOO!? Bloop! No but seriously, I was at my gelato cart minimum twice a day and sometimes it got out of hand to 3++ times per day. Sorry not sorry 🤷🏾‍♀️

There are a plethora of gelato carts around the city but my favorite to visit every day were the the ones on La Rambla. Again pretty inexpensive, about 2Euro for 3 scoops. Not too shabby.

There are also quite a few chocolate shops around the city but they are pretty expensive for just 1 piece of chocolate. I say skip those and go and buy chocolate gelato, or a waffle from the gelato carts to satisfy your craving.

Citrus 🍊

We picked this restaurant to eat at as it was walking distance from our hotel and they were advertising a live jazz band playing. Although the food did not disappoint, the false advertising was just laughable. The live jazz band was really 1 young lady walking around the restaurant singing (or lack there of-not sorry) from tracks on her laptop. Made for great laughs during dinner but not the most enjoyable atmosphere.

Although I was turned off by the “jazz,” I did enjoy my meal. A glass of wine was included due to a coupon I received from earlier in the day when walking by. The ravioli (pictured above) was good but was basically drowning in the sauce! Way too much sauce for this plate. They should just call it ravioli soup 😩

The best part of my meal was the main course of Paella 🥘 This tasted so good! Paella, is a very popular dish in Barcelona and most restaurants that I checked out served some variation of it. Seafood Paella was my favorite.

The price was reasonable but not if you’re traveling/balling on a budget.

Europa Cafe ☕️

In my opinion, this restaurant offered the best tasting food. BUT THE SERVICE WAS SUBPAR! We originally stumbled on this cafe while out strolling and we were looking for a cute spot to sit outside-this place fit the bill, so we decided to check out the menu. The menu + the cocktail specials caught our eye, so we decided to dine.

My entire meal came to under 20Euros. I only ordered 3 items but somehow the waiter got my order wrong not once but TWICE! 🙄 On top of that, the waitress was something else. As she was clearing used dishes off our table she picked up the plate my mother was eating her bagel on, touched it, then had the nerve to try to give it back to my mom! 😩😂 We had some good laughs about that during our evening recaps! She then proceeded to swipe my credit card, AND 👏🏾THEN 👏🏾TRIED 👏🏾TO 👏🏾KEEP 👏🏾IT! I was shook! LOL. I had to get home girl all the way together real quick.

Overall, I recommend this place for the food ONLY! Very cute spot to grab some nosh while out. This is a great place to go if you have leftover Euros 💶 and are leaving soon like we were.

P.S.-Look real good at the bottom of the menus at restaurants as this one charges a 20% “terrace seating” up charge (when in actuality you’re paying to sit on the open sidewalk, not a terrace) so LOL to that.

El Fornet 🥖

This place is the clutchiest of all clutch restaurants! Like legit a life, time, and money saver! This restaurant has multiple locations throughout Barcelona and I first noticed it as our hotel was 1 block from it. The 2nd morning of our trip, after realizing the hotel breakfast was not going to make the cut, I thought I’d give this place a shot. What a great decision on my part! 💁🏾‍♀️

I order a mini ham and cheese sandwich, a chocolate muffin, and a cappuccino-ALL UNDER 6Euro! 😯 This meal sounds so simple, which it was but it was so good! I’m not sure what they are putting in the bread for their sandwich’s but I was literally obsessed! This place is great for stocking up on the mini sandwiches, which are less than 1,50Euro, so you don’t have to buy extra lunch meals throughout the day. That’s what we ended up doing and it was such a great idea💡. They also serve little bowls of pasta with a drink and your choice of a cookie or mini sandwich for 6Euros. Super cute and convenient.

All photos shot by me on an iPhone 8+

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